Foreign business incorporation is simple and straightforward with the right legal counsel. It’s possible to start a company, own property, and own a business even if you are not a resident in Canada and we can assist with all the legalities of this process.

There are no restrictions on ownership and no residency requirements to get started. Adam will assist with incorporating the company, preparing the minute book, and acting as the registered and records office for the company. Contracts, documentation, business registration, licensing, and any other legal requirements or considerations for the creation of your foreign business are all services that we can assist with.

As your legal counsel, Adam can provide assistance with the purchase of a business in Canada. He can also provide expertise and guidance around franchising by reviewing franchise agreements and representing clients in Canada if required.

There are many facets to the incorporation of a foreign business, and it is important to note that Adam’s services are limited to his role as legal counsel. He is not a business planner and business owners will need to seek their own tax advice. That said, Adam can assist with connecting clients to accountants and tax advisors through the incorporation process.

To discuss your needs, email Arwa Soliman, Administrator, at to schedule a consultation with Adam Soliman by video conference or by telephone.

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